Marmorin Design Studio is based first of all on people. It might seem obvious, but the people themselves are our secret – professionals in many branches: product designers, graphic designers, model builder, engineers, all focused on the same goal – supplying you with a product that should entirely satisfy your needs. The exceptionality of Marmorin Design Studio is a successful mix of services including designing, consulting, modeling and analyzing all completed under one roof, where the designing process can be conducted from an idea to ready product. None, even the best designing vision can exist without respecting technical requirements, manufacturing conditions and functionality of the final product. We are aware that each product must ideally meet the context of its place and destination. That’s why we adjust it concerning functionality, production technology, and particular project requirements. The artistic element in our harmonious team is completed technical and precise skills. We do not work in a vacuum. By keeping track of the newest trends and changes in needs and desires of people, we make sure that our new projects are meaningful and appreciated by our Customers.